Complex Ai Vision Object Detection

Why Object Detection ?

“Transform Your Production with Vancouver Automation’s AI Vision with Smart Camera Systems: Mastering Object Detection for Superior Quality Control and Sorting in Robotics!” Elevate your operations to new heights with our advanced AI vision technology, specifically designed for enhancing quality control and sorting processes in robotics. At Vancouver Automation, we integrate cutting-edge object detection capabilities into our robotic systems, enabling them to identify and categorize items with unprecedented accuracy and speed. This technology is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their sorting tasks, whether it’s distinguishing defective products, classifying materials for recycling, or organizing components for further processing. Our AI-driven analytics also provide valuable insights, allowing for continuous improvement and more informed decision-making. Embrace the future of industrial automation with Vancouver Automation, where smart vision technology meets robust robotic efficiency, setting a new standard in quality control and sorting operations.

Why Vancouver Automation?

Embark on a journey of technological excellence with Vancouver Automation’s diverse range of AI-powered analytics tools, starting from CAD 10,000 with an incremental CAD 1,000 for each additional system. Our suite includes not only YOLOv7 but also an array of other sophisticated platforms like Detectron, NGC containers, SSD Mobilenets, DeepStream, and more, each uniquely tailored to meet various industrial needs.

  • Detectron brings the power of Facebook AI Research’s object detection algorithms, enabling highly accurate recognition and analysis in manufacturing, packaging, and waste management. This system excels in pinpointing defects in manufacturing objects, ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) Containers offer a library of GPU-optimized software for deep learning, machine learning, and HPC applications. They streamline the deployment of complex AI frameworks, making it easier for businesses to adopt and scale AI-driven solutions.
  • SSD Mobilenets offers a lightweight yet powerful architecture, ideal for real-time object detection. This technology is particularly effective in environments where processing power may be limited, yet high accuracy and speed are essential.
  • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK harnesses the power of AI to enable intelligent video analytics, a perfect solution for waste management and quality control in manufacturing. It allows for real-time streaming analytics, turning video into valuable insights.

These AI technologies work in tandem to enhance quality control, defect detection, and sorting processes across various industries. Data generated from these systems can be easily accessed and analyzed using tools like PowerBI and Excel, enabling businesses to turn complex datasets into actionable insights.

What’s more, Vancouver Automation ensures a user-friendly experience. Our systems are designed for easy integration, operational in less than 30 days. This swift integration process, combined with our scalable solutions, makes our offerings ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to harness the power of AI for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Step into the future of industrial automation with Vancouver Automation, where sophisticated AI meets practical, efficient, and scalable solutions.

How Vancouver Automation can help you ?

Material Handling is an essential part of every automation system. Whether moving heavy awkward parts or small intricate precision components, efficient manipulation and control is essential.  From the newest motor assembly to the most intricate surgical device, material handling and its flow ensures that components can be turned into assemblies that guarantees an assembly solution will not choke off critical up time or contribute to costly damage to parts or operators.  Vancouver Automation through its experience along with its partners to provide technologically leading solutions that ensure the backbone of the custom equipment link together in support and harmony.  There are many solutions that are tried and true and new flexible solutions that deal with the complexities in the market today.  Material handling solutions range from linear solutions in layout and form too numerous to detail but include our partners: Robert Bosch power and free conveyor, belt driven solutions coupled with flexible feeders, bowls, hoppers with vision, and escapement devices that verify orientation and control throughout the assembly process.