What is Automated Manufacturing ?

Automation, within the context of producing is that the use of kit to automate systems or production processes. the top goal is to drive greater efficiency by either increasing production capacity or reducing costs, often both. Automation has become known more as using machines to scale back work performed by humans. it’s become related to electromechanical systems that are programmed to perform many sorts of processes.

Automation Types

Fixed automation
Fixed automation manufacturing, also mentioned as hard automation, may be a system during which the automated production processes and assembly are preset to supply one product. The sequence of production and operation is fixed by the configuration of tooling, equipment and machines allocated for high-production needs.

Programmable automation
Programmable automation allows for the configurations and operation sequences of kit to vary supported commands coded or programmed into the system. With a programmable automation system, new programs are often written for every process. It allows for production of products in batch quantities starting from a several dozen products to as high as thousands of units produced in one run.

Flexible automation
Flexible automation may be a manufacturing method designed to simply adapt and answer changes in production needs, like the sort and quantity of the merchandise . Machines are controlled by computerized systems programmed and operated by humans utilizing computer coding or HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces). The system are often configured, i.e., programmed, to supply multiple product types simultaneously. Production and material-handling systems are controlled by a central computing system . The system is right for batch processes for companies that produce a spread of products in low-to-medium production runs.

How Vancouver Automation can help you ?

Material Handling is an essential part of every automation system. Whether moving heavy awkward parts or small intricate precision components, efficient manipulation and control is essential.  From the newest motor assembly to the most intricate surgical device, material handling and its flow ensures that components can be turned into assemblies that guarantees an assembly solution will not choke off critical up time or contribute to costly damage to parts or operators.  Vancouver Automation through its 4 experience along with its partners to provide technologically leading solutions that ensure the backbone of the custom equipment link together in support and harmony.  There are many solutions that are tried and true and new flexible solutions that deal with the complexities in the market today.  Material handling solutions range from linear solutions in layout and form too numerous to detail but include our partners: Robert Bosch power and free conveyor, belt driven solutions coupled with flexible feeders, bowls, hoppers with vision, and escapement devices that verify orientation and control throughout the assembly process.