Automated Modular Construction

Why Robotics in Modular Construction?

Vancouver Automation’s Robotics Modular Construction is like the cool cousin of traditional construction methods. It’s super precise and efficient, thanks to a fleet of savvy robots, each equipped with End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) capabilities. These robots can do everything from gluing to stapling to sawing with pinpoint accuracy. It’s like a construction team that never gets tired or makes mistakes! And speaking of mistakes, this modular approach eliminates human error, so you can be sure your final product will be spot-on every time. Plus, it’s lightning fast, meaning you can get your construction project done in record time. So why stick with old-school construction when you can embrace the coolness of robotics?

Engineering and construction firms:

Delivering projects in a new way begins to challenge the traditional role of engineering and
construction firms. While modules will still need to be assembled, onsite construction may become a
smaller and more commoditized part of the value chain. Today general contractors manage complex
projects with many subcontracted trades involved and shoulder executional risks, but they are at risk
of being cut out of a value chain focused on simple module assembly with high cost and schedule

Profit margin (%)

Potential disruption



Buyers of more productized
solutions OR Owner-integrators of bespoke projects

Design & engineering


Design libraries and engineering automation
Polarization of high-value vs repetitive work

General contractors


Model could become obsolete if modules and
better BIM models improve
planning and lower risk
More specialization



Opportunity for package solutions and service offerings
BUT  Risk of

Specialized trades


Partial displacement
via modular

Operations & maintenance


More efficient
lifecycle management
and use of data

How Vancouver Automation can help you ?