What are Control Systems

Industrial automation control systems involve the integration of devices, machines, and equipment within the manufacturing plant. Industrial automation control system solutions require secure infrastructures to enable communications and data transfers as well as smart devices for the collection of data. Usually, you achieve this through sensors on machines and equipment.

Control Systems

Advantages of Control Systems

  • As the automation control system takes care of repetitive tasks, you can optimise the use of resources in your production lines. Those repetitive tasks cover everything from batch changeovers to recording batch information to scheduling routine machine maintenance and more.
  • Automation control systems also increase flexibility and scalability. For example, introducing new products to the production line is a smoother and faster process. It is also much easier to scale production up or down as the needs of the business dictate.
  • You will see improved accuracy of data collection leading to significant improvements in batch and individual product  traceability. This saves you money as you need to allocate fewer resources to this process, plus it improves standards of customer service. It improves compliance in regulated industries.
  • Your production facility will experience reduced downtime as automatic processes can predict failures, schedule the most efficient times for maintenance, and more.
  • Finally, automation control systems result in fewer production errors saving time and money while also improving customer satisfaction.

How Vancouver Automation can help you ?

Material Handling is an essential part of every automation system. Whether moving heavy awkward parts or small intricate precision components, efficient manipulation and control is essential.  From the newest motor assembly to the most intricate surgical device, material handling and its flow ensures that components can be turned into assemblies that guarantees an assembly solution will not choke off critical up time or contribute to costly damage to parts or operators.  Vancouver Automation through its experience along with its partners to provide technologically leading solutions that ensure the backbone of the custom equipment link together in support and harmony.  There are many solutions that are tried and true and new flexible solutions that deal with the complexities in the market today.  Material handling solutions range from linear solutions in layout and form too numerous to detail but include our partners: Robert Bosch power and free conveyor, belt driven solutions coupled with flexible feeders, bowls, hoppers with vision, and escapement devices that verify orientation and control throughout the assembly process.